Teton & District Performing Arts believes that the Scottish culture is a living, breathing one! People of Scottish descent are finding their roots every day. The vast body of Scottish performing arts is a great way to connect to our heritage!

Our vocalists specialize in unaccompanied song, common in the past but rare today. With ballads romantic and tragic, nonsense songs, patriotic songs, and blends of Gaelic and English lyrics, we hope to draw listeners into the history of the Scottish people. Our musical influences range from traditionalists like Harry Lauder, Tannahill Weavers, Mary Black, and Silly Wizard, to musicians that added modern sparks, like Run Rig, Maire Brennan, and many more. 

Through bagpipes and drums, we recreate traditional military marches, grand anthems, and mournful laments that stir the heart. We incorporate songs played for hundreds of years, as well as adaptations of modern music, to create sets and medleys that speak to audiences of all ages.

We’re excited to work with an ever-widening circle of new musicians, some of whom will play with us for special events, and others who will become a permanent part of the Teton & District family.

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