David Shawn Revie Clark
Administrative Sergeant-Major (Piper / Drummer)

Our illustrious organizer has been involved in pipebands for over thirty years, performing all across the US. Schooled in traditional music by veterans of World War II Scottish regiments, he brings a deep sense of history to our group; his love of 20th and 21st century Scottish music drives our blend of past and present. David has proudly served as piper (and, sometimes, drummer) for the St. Andrew’s Pipes & Drums of Montgomery, Alabama State Trooper Honor Guard, Green Acres Department of Public Safety Honor Guard, Palm Beach Pipes & Drums, U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Ball, Washington County Sheriffs Department Honor Guard (OR.), Eagle Rock Pipe Band, and the Idaho Falls Police Department. He, also, served as the “Official Piper” for the Clark Family Association of Alabama, Piper for Clan Chattan South-East, Piper for the Alabama School of Scottish Dance, as well as Activities Director, then Vice-President of the Scottish-American Society of Palm Beach.

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Bryce McKay Weyerman
Private (Snare / Tenor Drummer)

Bryce is one of our drummers, specializing on both tenor and snare drums, and has recently gained his first rank advancement within Teton & District. Not many 16 year old men would have the forethought to combine a love of music with an Eagle Scout project, but that’s exactly what Bryce has done. He’s been a fantastic asset to our group, both musically and ceremonially. When asked what he likes in particular, his first response is, “Girls.” But he also enjoys writing, directing, and filming sketch comedy and stop-motion animation, and would love to develop his own show some day. He’s a World War 2 and Middle Ages history buff, and is looking forward to learning Scottish country dance with our group. (And he has a secret longing to learn to tap dance like Gene Kelley.)

Ceilidh Fern Clark
Private (Highland Dancer: Novice Class)
& (Tenor Drummer)

Ceilidh is well named: she tends to dance her way through life! She has been dancing since she was six, and loves to perform. She’s in the unique position of being a dancer who lives 739 miles away from her teacher (one way!), taking her lessons via Skype, with very rare in-person visits. In 2015, she moves into the novice ranking for Scottish Highland Dance, and she’s looking forward to showing everyone her new choreography. Ceilidh loves to do art, and is the resident hen-whisperer for her four chickens. She’s also started learning some of the vocal pieces we share, and is doing a great job so far! (And just in case you’re wondering: Ceilidh is pronounced Kay’-lee, and is the Scottish Gaelic word for gathering or celebration.) Originally, dancers were not going to receive rank, as pipers and drummers do. But, after understanding the amount of time, dedication, and talent that is involved, there is NO question that dancers deserve it as much as anyone!

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For more photos, “Click Here!”

Colin Ferguson Clark
Corporal (Piper / Drummer)

Colin is another all-around musician, taking his turn on bass, tenor, and snare drums, as well as bagpipes great and small. In 2014, he began taking solo piping work for special occasions, and will continue to that as well as performing with the group. You’ll also see Colin joining in the Scottish country dancing; he may look fairly solemn while dancing, but he’s enjoying it tremendously, on the inside (somewhere near his pancreas, we’re pretty sure.) Colin also plays acoustic and electric guitar, and the vocalists are looking forward to press-ganging him into service there. If you have a sudden, pressing need for sci-fi information, hints on stop-motion LEGO movie making, or just want to commiserate with a fellow surrounded by sisters, Col’s the man to see.

Damon Scott Johnson (At Large)
Private (Snare / Tenor Drummer)

Skilled at both tenor and snare drum, Damon has been a foundational member of the group from the beginning. In spare moments, you may catch him sketching… or maybe not; he’s stealthy! He joins in the penny-whistle jam sessions, and has recently joined another great group: the United States Air Force. As he heads off to serve his country, he remains one of our members-at-large. Wherever he goes, so goes the District!

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Elizabeth Anne Stewart Clark

Though she’s not yet twenty, Anne’s soprano voice carries both historic and current vocal pieces gorgeously. She’s a musical omnivore, and enjoys adding new songs to her repertoire She puts her artistic skills to good use for us: she’s the artist who drew our logo, and has her own lines of one-of-a-kind miniature dolls, silhouette art, and hand-painted watercolor pieces, including a delightful take on “The Unnatural History of the Haggis”. Besides singing and art, she bakes, so we intend to take every opportunity to utilize her talents before she heads off to midwifery training!

Kelton Scott Kinghorn
Recruit (Tenor Drummer / Snare Drum Student)

Kelton is one of our up-and-coming drummers. He’s a tender soul, who loves animals, likes to cook tasty things for his friends and family, and works hard in Boy Scouts, school, and Scottish music. He uses his scientific brain to good advantage with his drumming, and has the goal of being a pilot for the Air Force some day. We’re excited to have him join us for performances, and think you’ll agree he’s a great addition to our roster. And… between himself and Ceilidh, they sport more freckles than there are stars in the sky! Young Scottish drummers beat all!


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Kyla Todd Groeschel
(Dance Instructor & Ajudicator)

Miss Kyla has recently joined with us to provide high-quality dance instruction for our group. She comes to us with years of experience as a competitor, certified teacher, and judge for Highland Dance competitions. Though distance keeps Miss Kyla and her other dancers from performing with us, quality Skype-based instruction has allowed Ceilidh to receive lessons in Scottish dance, that she would not otherwise be possible. For more information on Miss Kyla’s school, please go to the “Our Dance” page of this website.

Mary Elizabeth Stewart Clark

Liz adds her voice in the soprano and alto parts. When she met David, she joined her love of modern Scottish performers like Run Rig, the Levellers, and Silly Wizard to his traditional roots in Scottish regimental bands and groups such as Tannahill Weavers and Kenneth McKellar. As troupe Mom, she also delves into the Scottish tradition of Feeding People, and Making Sure Everyone Had a Nap.


Matt Kinghorn
Recruit (Snare Drum Student)